Assorted Low-Tech Classroom Tools

  • Assorted pencil grips – Get a custom fit for student pencils.
  • Spring loaded scissors – Scissors that open easily on their own, using less hand movement.  
  • Electric scissors – Scissors that do not require any open/close movement.  
  • Magnifying bars – Magnify words while reading or keep track of which line you are on.   
  • Magnifier page – A magnifying plastic page, place on top of a page of text or a picture to magnify.  
  • Page standers (small and large) – A wire book stand, prop up books, communication boards,  iPads, toys, etc.
  • E-Z grip ruler – has a raised middle piece to hold on to.
  • Page-fluffer Books (assorted) – Fluff the pages of a book for easier turning with dots of hot glue, paper clips, pieces of sponge foam or Popsicle sticks.
  • Desktop Line Abacus – a one-line abacus with suction cups on the bottom.
  • Coin-u-lator – Learn the value of coins and $1 and how to count.  
  • Talking Calculator – speaks numbers, symbols, and sums as you type.  
  • Assorted Adapted Crayons – Easy to hold, large disk shaped crayons.  (Made in muffin tins)
  • Book Light – add more light directly to the page you are reading.  
  • Ziggley Wiggley Pen –  vibrating pen, helps kids  improve fine muscle tone.
  • Wikki Stix (sticky wax strips) – place them on a page to direct kids to write within the lines.
  • Franklin Speaking Dictionary & Thesaurus – Reads words and definitions. 
  • 8” Time Timer – gives a visual of how much time is left on a 60 min timer, set to any interval.  
  • Magnetic Tray – Use with magnetic letters, numbers or other manipulatives.
  • Adapted Raised Line Paper packs (by Onion Mountain Technology) – Raised lines on paper encourage kids to write within the lines. 
  • LOTTIE Kit for Productivity (by Onion Mountain Technology) –  includes highlighter strips and tapes, magnification bars, pencil grips, raised line paper, adapted scissors, special pens and pencils for evaluations.
  • Boxes of: Magnetic Letters, Empty Canisters, and Pencils, Crayons, etc…



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