Books, Videos and Reference Materials for Teachers


  • Visual Strategies For Improving Communication by Linda Hodgdon
  • Tasks Galore (Classroom Ideas for Children with Autism)   (2 copies)
  • DESK:  Designing Environments for Successful Kids Book
  • (3) Book of Possibilities:  Elementary Edition
  • (2) Book of Possibilities:  Secondary Edition
  • Stages: Software Solutions for Special Needs
  • Art For Me Too!
  • Hands on Reading
  • Evaluating, Selecting, and Using Appropriate Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Devices for the Handicapped
  • Assistive Technology Solutions for IEP Teams
  • Teaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities
  • Low Tech Assistive Devices
  • Making Connections: Introduction to AAC use in the classroom
  • Assistive Technology:  IEP Solutions   (elementary and secondary editions)
  • Computer and Web Resources for People with Disabilities
  • Living One-Handed In a Two-Handed World
  • Visual Strategies for Improving Communication
  • Developing Literacy Using Reading Manipulatives
  • AT Tools & Strategies Manual for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Includes an assessment tool kit)
  • Recipes for Success:  Creative use of Adaptivation products


  • Video:  The Sky’s the Limit:  Utah AT Program (plus recorded LTVEC copy)
  • Video:  ENABLE:  People with Disabilities and the Computer
  • Video:  Every Move Counts
  • Video:  Play Attention
  • Video: Creative Solutions for Living
  • Audio Tape:  Making Sense of Sensory Integration (Audio Cassette and Booklet)
  • DVD:  Freedom Machines by PBS
  • DVD:  Accessibility Suite by Microsoft
  • Assorted Demo CD’s
  • Assistive Tech Consideration Spinner

 AT Reference CDs:

  • Step by Step Guide to Assistive Technology
  • (2) Step by Step Guide to Assistive Technology (switch & mount edition)
  • AT Management
  • Discover How to Make Computers Easier (Windows XP/ Vista)
  • Overview of AT
  • Assistive Technology
  • The Gate
  • Alt Format Technology for Education
  • Technology Training Resource ( Ablenet)
  • Assistive Technology Exploration Center:  “Communication Tech Lab vs. 2.0”  and  “Adaptive Computer Tech Lab 2.0”



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