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I’m going to date myself a little bit here by telling you that I have a terrific album collection from the 1960’s through the 80’s.  I love looking at the covers and listening to the ‘crackle’ sound when the needle first touches the vinyl, but didn’t own a stereo that would play them! Only just recently did I pick up a vintage system that rocks.  It was simply a matter of matching the right player to my specific media…

I often field calls from teachers and clinicians asking how to download Bookshare books onto Kindles and Nooks.  I know a lot of districts have invested in these low-cost devices for digital reading support and they love them.  That makes it even more disappointing to find that the two are incompatible with Bookshare. Federal laws mandate that Bookshare books are converted into very specific digital formats for e-reading accessibility and neither the Kindle or basic Nook devices are designed to read these file types (although the newer Nook HD does).  Simply put, the device just isn’t able to play them any more than my 8-track player will play a CD.

For more information, see this explanation regarding Kindles and Bookshare use.

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Janice Reese

Janice Reese

Director of the AT Center at LTVEC
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My name is Janice Reese and I LOVE assistive technology! I worked as an Occupational Therapist for more than 15 years, earned a Master’s degree in Education Technology, and I’m RESNA certified as an Assistive Technology Profession (ATP).  I have worked in the school system for many years now and I love using technology to enhance the lives of children with disabilities. Since my first love is teaching, I’ve spent just as much time training wonderful teachers everywhere to use these tools in their classrooms.  AT4Kids, llc was founded in 2008 in an effort to provide quality instruction and resources for teachers, therapists, student users and parents who wanted to know more about using AT.

I currently serve as Director of the Center for Assistive Technology, a state-supported program of the Little TN Valley Educational Cooperative.  LTVEC is a non-profit agency whose goal is to provide rehabilitation services and accessibility supports for students with special needs in east Tennessee.  My AT4Kids blog is designed to be as a one-stop resource for ideas and information for those wanting to learn more about the use of AT with children in the special education setting.

I hope to offer helpful hints, program and product reviews, AT recommendations, links to great new finds on the web, and lists of resources for “all things AT”.

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