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I’m going to date myself a little bit here by telling you that I have a terrific album collection from the 1960’s through the 80’s.  I love looking at the covers and listening to the ‘crackle’ sound when the needle first touches the vinyl, but didn’t own a stereo that would play them! Only just recently did I pick up a vintage system that rocks.  It was simply a matter of matching the right player to my specific media…

I often field calls from teachers and clinicians asking how to download Bookshare books onto Kindles and Nooks.  I know a lot of districts have invested in these low-cost devices for digital reading support and they love them.  That makes it even more disappointing to find that the two are incompatible with Bookshare. Federal laws mandate that Bookshare books are converted into very specific digital formats for e-reading accessibility and neither the Kindle or basic Nook devices are designed to read these file types (although the newer Nook HD does).  Simply put, the device just isn’t able to play them any more than my 8-track player will play a CD.

For more information, see this explanation regarding Kindles and Bookshare use.



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