Preparing for PARCC Testing

The shift toward computer delivered assessments bring a mix of emotions as we’re both excited about its potential, yet overwhelmed by the demands it places on us as educators.  With this in mind, we have begun introducing our teachers to comparable tools that they can use in the classroom now to prepare students for those we will see integrated into the tests next year.  Here is the Preparing for PARCC Testing ppt  Powerpoint I used for teachers in Blount County this week.  It contains information about the PARCC guidelines, as well as links to some terrific freebie Web 2.0 resources, tech tutorial sites, and software supports for consideration.  The TN Department of Education has also provided us with additional resources offering greater detail.  This PARCC Accessibility Manual for Field Testing includes additional information related to test questions with accessibility supports.

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TN Assistive Technology Conference 2013: Preparing Students for PARCC Testing

Conference 2013

The Tennessee Association for Assistive Technology has announced an amazing lineup of scheduled sessions for their 2013 conference. Held yearly in Murfreesboro, TN, this is an outstanding event for those who want to learn more about the use of AT in the special education setting.  Many of the sessions offered this year are designed to address the use of augmentative communication tools and strategies with language impaired students, while others will focus on using Assistive Technologies to adapt instruction for the new Common Core State Standards.  Even better, there are a large number of sessions designed to provide guidance in preparing students with special needs for the PARCC and NCSC related online assessments.  PARCC recently released its list of approved assistive technologies that will be integrated into their testing formats and teachers are rushing to find ways to teach students to use these supports.  If you’re looking for help with this daunting task, then the TAAT Conference 2013 is the place to be!  Session Time Ordered List.

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