• Create-A-Lift the Flap Book –  Make a custom flap book.Create-a-Lift the Flap Book
  • (2) Create-A-Board Books – Make a custom board book.  Create-a-Board Books left-to-right: blank, with Our Trip to the Zoo story, and with Orange Turtle Story
  • Clear Create-A-Book – Make a custom book with clear pages.  From left, clock-wise: Growing a Flower Landscape book - closed, Create-a-Book Clear Landscape open, Brushing My Teeth Portrait book - closed, and open
  • Double 4”  or Single 2″ Literacy Strip – Organize your communication pictures in a neat row.Communication Sentence Strip ready to form a sentence with Velcro-backed pictures
  • Fabric Communication Notebook Cover – Cover any notebook with this soft fabric and attach your communication pictures. Fabric Communication / Choice Notebook Cover. Click to see larger image.
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