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Tennessee AT4Kids provides resources and guidance for all aspects of Assistive Technology (AT) and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) assessment, implementation, and training in the educational setting.

AT Takes a Team

Are you the parent or teacher of a child who might need assistive technology? AT4Kids has the necessary resources that you'll need to educate yourself about the AT process so that you can become an informed advocate for your child or student.

Tennessee Assistive Technology Resources

The TennesseeTalks grant allows schools to receive support from assistive technology (AT) specialists working with the school teams. These specialists meet schools and students where they are – assessing the need for technology supports, connecting students with appropriate Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems, and providing advice resource on adaptive equipment, communication strategies, integrating services. Communication is not just an academic area on a student’s IEP; it is an individual, fundamental right. It is essential for developing relationships, pursuing vocations, and achieving independence.

The Tennessee Association for Assistive Technology (TAAT) was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization with charter members from across the state. The primary objective of the association is to offer up-to-date information and resources about AT and provide professional development opportunities for assistive technology providers and users. For over a decade, TAAT has been holding an annual conference in Franklin, Tennessee covering all aspects of AT in the educational setting, including new strategies and information, practical ideas, and the latest tools and trends in AT for use in the classroom.

Adapting Tennessee

AT Makers of Tennessee

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Summer Camp for Kids with Special Needs

Wow! Summer break is almost here and will bring much needed vacations (for staff and students alike!). I know that many of us will be sending our children off to camp somewhere so they can enjoy a few days of fun and adventure outdoors with their friends.  Let’s not forget about our students with physical […]

Preparing the Significantly Challenged Child for Eye Gaze

Wow!  A great crowd here so late in the day for our session on eye gaze control at the ATIA 2016 Conference.  The sun did come out in Orlando after all, yet the room was filled with superachievers who wanted to know how to help their kids with significant needs.  Unfortunately, the handout link provided […]

TAAT 2015 Conference

The call for papers is open until October 1st to present a session for TAAT 2015.  For more information visit:  www.taat.org/conference/.  And remember…  Conference Presenters attend the rest of the conference for FREE!!!  Click on the link below to view the Session Proposal Form:  

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AT Policies

Policies and Procedures to Guide the Implementation of Assistive Technology Services Within the Special Education Setting

Mandated by federal law, school systems must now “consider” assistive technology in the planning process when addressing the academic needs of children with disabilities. Although many districts across the state of Tennessee have formally adopted policies and procedures to guide the implementation of assistive technology within their particular school system, the State Department of Education has not.

In an effort to offer guidance, Tennessee Association for Assistive Technology has created a uniform set of terms,definitions and descriptions, as well as general policies and procedures to support consistency with the use of assistive technologies in the educational setting. These policies are intended to support, not replace those adopted by individual districts.

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