Summer Camp for Kids with Special Needs

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Wow! Summer break is almost here and will bring much needed vacations (for staff and students alike!). I know that many of us will be sending our children off to camp somewhere so they can enjoy a few days of fun and adventure outdoors with their friends.  Let’s not forget about our students with physical and learning disabilities who deserve the same opportunities but require special care to meet their diverse needs.  There are a growing number of summer camps designed to accommodate their needs and I am amazed at how well the kids and families respond to participation.

Family retreats are available for those who have a child with a disability through the Joni And Friends Ministry, founded by Joni Erikson Tada.


This list of camps in the East Tennessee region is a great starting point when looking for just the right fit for your students with Autism.  Search the internet for similar opportunities in your region!

Zac Brown (of my absolute favorite, Zac Brown Band!) is a former camp counselor who felt the need to launch a camp for students with special needs, as well as families of our military. Construction is ongoing for Camp Southern Ground in beautiful north Georgia, but weekend camps have begun.  (They need our support too!)

I also love the Center for Courageous Kids in western Kentucky.  They accept children from around the world and camp weeks are designed to serve children with specific illnesses or disabilities.  Many Kiwanis Clubs offer scholarships to needy students in their region. Call yours today and ask!

So…before we head off for our own break, let’s offer these links and resources to the families of the children who just want the chance to play like their peers.

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My name is Janice Reese and I LOVE assistive technology! I worked as an Occupational Therapist for more than 15 years, earned a Master’s degree in Education Technology, and I’m RESNA certified as an Assistive Technology Profession (ATP).  I have worked in the school system for many years now and I love using technology to enhance the lives of children with disabilities. Since my first love is teaching, I’ve spent just as much time training wonderful teachers everywhere to use these tools in their classrooms.  AT4Kids, llc was founded in 2008 in an effort to provide quality instruction and resources for teachers, therapists, student users and parents who wanted to know more about using AT.

I currently serve as Director of the Center for Assistive Technology, a state-supported program of the Little TN Valley Educational Cooperative.  LTVEC is a non-profit agency whose goal is to provide rehabilitation services and accessibility supports for students with special needs in east Tennessee.  My AT4Kids blog is designed to be as a one-stop resource for ideas and information for those wanting to learn more about the use of AT with children in the special education setting.

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