Using the iPad to Provide Literacy Supports for LD Students District-Wide


My colleague, Karen Moffatt, CCC-SLP,  and I presented an educational session on this topic at the 2016 Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) National Conference earlier this month. As expected, there was a large amount of interest in the subject as educators and administrators across the globe try to figure out how to tap the full potential of this device in the classroom.  We feel like everybody should be skilled users, but they’re still relatively new and upgrading all the time.  As Karen put it so clearly during our session, ” iPads have only been with us for about six years, but it feels like forever.”

The information for this session was gathered as we supported a large technology initiative to introduce iPads to middle school students with special learning needs in advance of her district’s full 1:1 launch.  Although the project had (and still has) some challenges, it has allowed these students to take much needed extra time to become fully comfortable with the technology navigation and use, identify accessibility supports and apps that meet their unique needs, and begin integrating these supports into their routine well ahead of their peers.

The ATIA Conference encouraged us all to ‘Network, Learn & Share’, which is what we’re doing here by posting our materials for general access.  The PowerPoint and handouts for this session are available under the tab titled ‘ATIA 2016 Sessions’ on the home page menu. Please feel free to use these materials to support your own efforts to integrate tablet technologies in your districts, but remember to leave all credits intact.

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